The workshops included Métis cultural teachings by knowledge keepers. The knowledge sharing process supported Métis community members in exploring their histories and life experiences within a supportive community setting.

The workshop was held over two weekends in November at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. 

Thank you to our partners: The Ontario Arts Council, Indigenous Education Network, OISE and the Metis Nation of Ontario. A special thank you to Jennifer LaFontaine for all of her work and dedication to ensure this project was a success. ​

See below for some of the moving stories that came out of the workshop.

Read Jennifer LaFontaine's article about the workshop on the MNO website.

Métis Digital Storytelling

​​Thank you to everyone who participated in the The Métis Nation of Ontario (MNO) Toronto and York Region Métis Council's Cultural Teaching and Digital Storytelling Workshop.

Participants created digital stories about Métis identity, culture and health.

During the four-day workshop, participants had the opportunity to make their own two to five minute multi-media narratives using photos, video clips, art, and sound to share a personal life story. Participants crafted and recorded personal narratives, collected still images, videos and sound to help illustrate their pieces. They were guided through video-editing tutorials to enable them, with teacher support, to edit their own stories.

Toronto and York Region Metis Council members pose with participants of the Cultural Teaching and Digital Storytelling Workshop.